About this site

On this site we are collecting material for a new Alnwick shopfront design guide.

It is 25 years since the Civic Society produced the last shop front design guide for Alnwick. In 2019 we were asked to help develop a guide that would meets today's needs. We want to ensure that the new guide is positive and helps to support a vibrant and successful town centre.

There are no new regulations. The intention is to bring the advice up to date, to help people understand what is required and to help traders avoid the risk of doing something against the rules.

Alnwick Civic Society was formed to conserve and enhance the built environment of our ancient market town.

The society has been involved in a number of successful high profile campaigns. We pursue our objectives by providing a voice for members; through dialogue with planning and conservation professionals, and like ­minded organisations; by offering advice, scrutinising & commenting on development proposals; and by recognising excellence, organising public meetings, developing guided trails, and a variety of other activities.